I know your busy!

I truly understand how mega busy you are, so if I could just ask for two minutes of your time to make sure you're not missing out on all the very special offers from Moseley Yoga (that are guaranteed to make you sizzle hotter than the current summer sunshine,) then I will show you a video that's bound to make all your problems melt faster than a double magnum. Promise.

Unless your living in an Ashram in the Hebrides, you will no doubt heard of the new privacy laws that recently came into force (it's those annoying pop ups asking you to confirm that you love 'Cookies') that form part of something called 'GDPR.'

It's far too boring to talk about here, but if you have any trouble falling asleep in this mad heat, then you are very welcome to read all about it by clicking over to the official GDPR website. You will knocking out the Zzzzz's in seconds, I guarantee it. (might try it myself tonight!) Here you go - All you ever wanted to know about GDPR

Ok, back to the point of this post...

This is all it will take you to make sure you are receiving all our special offers and updates about new classes and workshops, so please click over to your Mind Body account now and simply follow these instructions to opt in to our updates.

1. Log into your Mind Body account here (the login screen should look like this)

2. Once you are logged in, click the 'My Info' tab at the top of the screen.

3. Then simply select how you would like to hear from us on the page that opens

That's it!

Thank you so much for helping me to ensure you are only receiving the information you want from Moseley Yoga

If you have any problems with any part of the above, please get in touch

Now, if you still have some time on your hands, here's a video that's bound distract you from all the important stuff your supposed to be doing on this gorgeous summer day

Thank you, have a great day


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At Moseley Yoga, we understand how life can sometimes get in the way of our plans. That is why our cancellation policy is simple and straightforward.


- If you are unable to attend a prepaid class or workshop, please notify us (by phone or email) at least one hour prior to the session. In such case, we will offer credit to which can be redeemed for another session.

- If you are unable to notify us of your cancellation one hour before the session or simply forget to attend, we cannot offer credit or refunds. 

 (Moseley Yoga does not offer refunds except in the unlikely event of cancelling a class or workshop).