How did you get on?

It’s the end of January (I know, where does the time go?) so the perfect time to look back to check if you knocked all those well-meaning goals you set in the drunken haze of a New Year’s Eve party right out of the park!

Don’t worry, there’s always next year

You know the ones

To get yourself a rockin ripped bod like Kino or Dylan

Earn more money and live like a beach Yogi?

Or to ask the hottie who struts their perfectly pert asana next to you on the mat every week out for a drink?

Like most of us normal folk though, did you fail miserably after a few days and give in to the chocolaty goodness of a family sized bar of Whole Nut?

I know, I feel your pain.

We usually fail at our goals because we follow the slogan that so many self-help gurus peddle; that of Thinking Big!

When the capital T Truth is what we really should be doing is the exact opposite.

Thinking small. And the smaller the better.

Goals are made up of daily habits. Change the simple stuff you’re doing everyday like slugging down that triple shot Venti Starbucks Caramel Latte with extra cream or dropping the endless self-talk that rattles around your skull telling you you're simply not good enough to date the Hottie on the mat next to you. (You absolutely are BTW, so just ask!)

Start with these small changes and you will be amazed at how everything, including the Big Stuff will also slowly change.

So for February, give this approach a try.

Pick one thing in your life you would like to change more than anything.

Now this is the toughest part... If you actually do this next bit studies show that you’re 90% more likely to succeed in your goal.

Write it down.

This is really important so if you’re serious about making those changes, please do this. Stop reading and dig out a pen and paper’ Or if you have one of the fancy pants apps on your phone that remind you about appointments then go ahead and type it into that instead.

If you feel stuck at this point then write everything down that you do in the week and give each of them a score. 10 means you love it more than cake and 1 means you hate it more than an hour of Utkatasana.

So if you spend your spare time watching endless box sets with a large glass of Zinfandel every evening and you know your life is not moving forwards because of it, then stick it with a big fat 1

Write down all the little daily habits you go through, week after week that are either pulling you forwards towards your goals, or keeping you stuck. Write down how long you spend on these habits each week. Then give them a score.

My list looks something like this

TV – 20 Hours a week - Score – 2

Working on developing Moseley Yoga to be the best studio in Birmingham – 30 Hours per week – Score – 8

Developing my own yoga practice to be the best teacher I can be – Not enough time!! Score – 3

Stockpiling Toblerones for when we pull out of Europe and suppliers become hard to find - 10 Hours – Score - 6

You get the idea. Make your list as long as you need.

Then here’s where the magic happens.

Pick one of these habits. Just one. And go to work on it for a month. Everyday.

So let’s say you want to develop your Yoga and to begin to feel that you’re making progress in every class

Make a start today by simplifying it all and pick one, just one posture that you want to nail more than another.

Some decisions will always be harder than others

For me it’s Bakasana (the Crow pose)

Let’s use this pose as an example of how everything in your practice will start to improve by focusing, like me on one posture.

You see, it’s impossible not to develop arm, shoulder and ab strength that you can use in every posture while you focus on this one solitary pose.

You headstand will improve, your warrior will improve and all of your balance postures will improve.

I call this simple concept of of breaking bad habits by becoming fully focused on the small daily stuff - Becoming Unstuck.

I would love to invite you to Unstuck yourself as well. Today. Right now in fact

Start here.

Tell me what you are going to work on during February, it needn’t be Yoga related, it can be anything you like.

Have a look today and join in.

The Unstuck Club.

You see, writing a goal down means you make a commitment to yourself to follow through with it. Studies show that those who write stuff down usually achieve it.

Goals that are not written down are just wishes

Write your one goal for February here

Ok now here’s the shameless plug for a few workshops that really will help you to progress in your practice

These Workshops are perfect to improve and to feel better about yourself

Find out more and book here

Well that’s it!

Thanks for reading!

Comments? Questions? I would love to hear from so please get in touch

See you all soon

Nicola x

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