Advanced training for Awakened Minds

For teachers, healers or experienced yogis


24-31 AUGUST 2020


Hello and welcome... our  Residential Kundalini Awakening Course, Advanced training for Awakened Minds for 2020. All the information here will help you understand if Advanced Training course will be the right next step in your yoga journey.

We are just a click away if you would like to talk about it in person.

With Love and Light

Anand & Ildy

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Hello and welcome... our  Residential Kundalini Awakening Course, Advanced training for Awakened Minds for 2020.

This course offers training in the authentic practices that expand consciousness to utilise the limitless potential we are all born with.


This course will encompass ancient methods not covered in typical yoga training courses.

It will be a very practical course, focused on experience above theory. An informal and friendly conversation will be required before joining to ensure this is right time and path for you.

We are just a click away if you would like to talk about it in person.

With Love and Light


0121 679 6055

Who This Course Is For

We are seeking aspirants who are ready to use the methods for bringing true bliss and harmony into their lives. A small group of people will be selected to come together as group for one week to receive the teachings.


Each student will have a personal consultation at the start of the week and develop their own programme for personal practice. They will then receive continuous guidance as the week progresses, with the possibility of a 3-hour private session per month for 6 months to a year. 


This opportunity is right for true seekers of spiritual growth who are able to commit time to regular personal practice and have a foundational level of relevant experience, for example, yoga teachers or experienced yoga practitioners, energy workers or healers, meditators or shaman, etc.


What is tantra?


Often only covered in a mystical sense in standard teacher trainings , we will demystify what this is and how it can be safely activated and what to do with it.


Your breath is the link between body and mind. The benefits of regular pranayama exercise cannot be understated.  The tantric methods have subtle but very important differences to those taught in a classical yoga approach. You will learn advanced methods for your own personal practice and basic methods suitable for using in a class or workshop.


Kriya is translated as “action” and is used in several different contexts in yoga. The Kriya’s you will learn are a series of seated exercises that will activate energy channels in the body. With only a short amount of regular practice you can experience the life changing effects of these ancient and incredibly powerful methods that will bring the theoretical concepts of the chakra system to life by making it something you have physically experienced for yourself.


Techniques in both the classical yoga and tantric schools that you can use to rapidly accelerate your own progress and when leading group meditation sessions.


Exploring the Tantric concepts of the universe, our existence in it and most importantly, how to create a life of fulfilment. Introductions will be given to key Tantric texts such as Shiva's Sutras, and lesser known but equally important tantric volumes. 


- Sacral healing

- Clairvoyance & Telepathy

- Karma (Soul) Therapy

- Astral projection and more

Course Content

Daily Schedule

8am - 12am     GROUP PRACTICE

12am - 1pm     LIGHT LUNCH


6pm - 8pm     LIGHT DINNER

8pm - 9pm     SATSANG AND Q&A



SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT £499 (until 31 December if paid fully)  


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT £699 (From 1st January to 30 April)



After this, the regular price is £999.


The price includes all food and accommodation in separate male and female dormitories.


Included in the price is a ticket to our "Explore Wellness Festival", at the Oakraven Centre, from 28 - 30 August 2020.


Student Feedback


5 students from the last intensive kindly volunteered to share their experiences on the last day of the course so that you can hear some first hand feedback.

SHORT VIDEO 2.15 mins
Cara's feedback, a short section of the full video

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