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My first encounter with yoga was in 2000 in India where I went traveling for a year. I completed a one-month long yoga course and I was then convinced that this is what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life.


It took me a decade to realise that I should actually teach it and so I  returned to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course, which enabled me to change my life completely. Since then Yoga has become an integral part of me and I strive to learn continuously. I teach from the heart and only from personal experience. It is an honour to share this ancient science and art with others.


Every day I feel the need to take some time for myself and practise yoga. t feels my mind connects with my body and they really communicate in an amazing way together. It allows me to really listen to myself (body, mind and soul). I am able to fully understand my body, by knowing what it really needs.

I learnt to really communicate with my mind and it gave me the ability to stop the conversation for a while, making place for inner peace, letting myself enjoy good energy and the beauty in every thing.

My training and teaching experience allows me to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga.

My teaching is spontaneous, light-hearted and I aim to adapt to meet the energies and needs of the group.

I am deeply connected to the spiritual aspects of Yoga, but I also know that to tame your mind and find the still and small voice inside, you need to start with the physical body and perfect your asanas (postures).


Hello I’m Babus, after a stressful career in medicine as a GP I had chronic health issues and mounting stress.


When conventional western medicine didn’t really help me get to the source of the issues, I decided to try yoga. I was taken aback with the holistic nature of yoga practice and just how much this ancient practice is relevant still today.


I do yoga everyday and try to get to at least one class a day and was inspired to become a yoga teacher due to the invaluable help, support and guidance from my yoga teachers.


I hope I can help those with chronic illnesses and those who want to exercise healthily benefit from yoga.


I’m Mary and I am passionate about yoga’s potential for self-healing. Yoga is the best system I have found to help you transform yourself, so that you regain control of your life. 

Yoga found me 6 years ago, during a truly challenging time. I have always struggled with mental health problems, and the effect of years of going through life without adequate treatment left me paralysed with fear at a time when I had to rebuild myself from the ground up. The philosophy of yoga, along with its practices, helped me to get out of my own way and start working on my fears. 

I am now grateful for the opportunity to help other people heal themselves using yoga. 

In my classes you can expect a strong focus on going “inwards” and applying yoga concepts to your personal life. 

In my workshops you can expect to learn practical tools to work with difficult emotions to find balance and a sense of personal agency.


Hi, I’m Tina and I have always been surrounded by Yoga but started practicing myself around 7 years ago. I found Yoga is so different to conventional ways of keeping fit and the added bonus of it nurturing the mind as well as the body, made me fall in love with it straight away! It helps me focus on myself when things get too stressful and I need to reflect, but the feeling of inner calm when practicing is bliss, and for that time, having to focus on nothing but myself is precious.  


Earlier this year I obtained my Children’s Yoga Teacher qualification, and whilst my sole reason for qualifying was to learn how to instruct my daughter (who is 5yrs old), the more I learnt and researched, the more reasons I found to teach. The benefits of Yoga for anyone are immeasurable, but for children, it provides them tools and principles which they can carry through life.


I am passionate about teaching children what I have learnt from Yoga, and for them to love it the way I do. Yoga can help them manage how they deal with their feelings, develop body awareness, manage stress through breathing and meditation, build concentration, build confidence and develop a positive self-image. In addition, it provides an alternative way to tune out and relax, so what’s not to love??


Yoga creates a peaceful and calm environment, allowing children to realise that they are, for a change, not competing to be the best, but do the best they can, which can only have a positive impact on their mental health wellbeing. Even at this stage in life, I appreciate the way yoga makes me feel, mentally and physically, so imagine what a child can achieve if they are taught from a young age?


My approach to teaching is to make the class fun, my aim is to teach the children to practice without fear of judgement, to fill the room with happiness and positivity, for the children to leave feeling happy, de-stressed and content.

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Here at Moseley Yoga we absolutely understand that life can get in the way of our best laid plans. 

So for that very reason we offer a simple and straightforward cancellation policy:

If you cannot attend a class / workshop that you have booked and paid for and you let us know that you will not be able to make it (by a phone call or e-mail) at least an hour before, then we will give credit to your MindBody account and you will be able to book another class / workshop.

 If you don't let us know within an hour of the class / workshop starting, or if you simply forget and don't turn up at all, then unfortunately we won’t be able to offer you another class / workshop.

 Please let us know if you’re not going to be able to make it so that we can offer your place on the mat to another person from our waiting list who can jump in on the last moment.

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER FULL REFUNDS except in the unlikely event that we have to cancel a class / workshop.


Thank you.