About us

We at Moseley Yoga (Indian Wellness Academy) offer various activities online and face to face:

- 200 hrs Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Courses Partly online and with a 1-week residential setting (next one is 28 November to 11 January, with one week residential in Grand Canaria, Spain) More info here

- Weekend Yoga Retreats (next one is 9 - 11 April 2021) More info here 

- Weekend Yoga Festivals

- Online Yoga Classes (Monday - Friday)

- Online workshops of various types (Chakra yoga etc) Next one here

We are delighted that you chose our school to join, you will not be disappointed in the quality of teachings we offer.

Please feel free to browse our website and see if you can find something for yourself.


My first encounter with yoga was in 2000 in India where I went traveling for a year. I completed a one-month long yoga course and I was then convinced that this is what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life.


It took me a decade to realise that I should actually teach it and so I  returned to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course, which enabled me to change my life completely. Since then Yoga has become an integral part of me and I strive to learn continuously. I teach from the heart and only from personal experience. It is an honour to share this ancient science and art with others.


Every day I feel the need to take some time for myself and practise yoga. t feels my mind connects with my body and they really communicate in an amazing way together. It allows me to really listen to myself (body, mind and soul). I am able to fully understand my body, by knowing what it really needs.

I learnt to really communicate with my mind and it gave me the ability to stop the conversation for a while, making place for inner peace, letting myself enjoy good energy and the beauty in every thing.

My training and teaching experience allows me to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga.

My teaching is spontaneous, light-hearted and I aim to adapt to meet the energies and needs of the group.

I am deeply connected to the spiritual aspects of Yoga, but I also know that to tame your mind and find the still and small voice inside, you need to start with the physical body and perfect your asanas (postures).


Hello I’m Babus, after a stressful career in medicine as a GP I had chronic health issues and mounting stress.


When conventional western medicine didn’t really help me get to the source of the issues, I decided to try yoga. I was taken aback with the holistic nature of yoga practice and just how much this ancient practice is relevant still today.


I do yoga everyday and try to get to at least one class a day and was inspired to become a yoga teacher due to the invaluable help, support and guidance from my yoga teachers.


I hope I can help those with chronic illnesses and those who want to exercise healthily benefit from yoga.


At Moseley Yoga, we understand how life can sometimes get in the way of our plans. That is why our cancellation policy is simple and straightforward.


- If you are unable to attend a prepaid class or workshop, please notify us (by phone or email) at least one hour prior to the session. In such case, we will offer credit to which can be redeemed for another session.

- If you are unable to notify us of your cancellation one hour before the session or simply forget to attend, we cannot offer credit or refunds. 

 (Moseley Yoga does not offer refunds except in the unlikely event of cancelling a class or workshop).