7 MARCH - 15 JULY 2020


Hello and welcome...

...to our *NEW* UK 200 hours Teacher Training programme for 2020. 

This is a unique opportunity to get the knowledge of Kundalini and Tantra and also live the Yoga lifestyle.

5 weekends from March 2020 through June + 1 week residential where you can fully embrace the yogic lifestyle.

The only yoga teacher training course that brings together Tantra, "Classical" Yoga, and Kundalini. Find out why this is the most complete and effective approach to developing your yoga practice...

...Our teacher training will give you the deepest yogic knowledge, You will learn how to lead classes that will inspire, rejuvenate and expand the abilities of your students.

We are just a click away if you would like to talk about it in person.

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What is tantra?

Your Teacher

My first encounter with yoga was in 2000 in India where I went traveling for a year. I completed a one-month long yoga course and I was then convinced that this is what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life.


It took me a decade to realise that I should actually teach it and so I  returned to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course, which enabled me to change my life completely. Since then Yoga has become an integral part of me and I strive to learn continuously. I teach from the heart and only from personal experience. It is an honour to share this ancient science and art with others.


Every day I feel the need to take some time for myself and practise yoga. t feels my mind connects with my body and they really communicate in an amazing way together. It allows me to really listen to myself (body, mind and soul). I am able to fully understand my body, by knowing what it really needs.

I learnt to really communicate with my mind and it gave me the ability to stop the conversation for a while, making place for inner peace, letting myself enjoy good energy and the beauty in every thing.

My training and teaching experience allows me to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga.

My teaching is spontaneous, light-hearted and I aim to adapt to meet the energies and needs of the group.

I am deeply connected to the spiritual aspects of Yoga, but I also know that to tame your mind and find the still and small voice inside, you need to start with the physical body and perfect your asanas (postures).

What does the course look like?

From March to June we will meet one weekend a month, where you will learn the basics of Asana, Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama and Anatomy.

After each weekend teaching you will be expected to practice at home and maintain a daily practice. 

Then in July we will come together at the Oakraven Centre in the Forest of Dean for a 1 week residential training where you can fully embrace the yogic lifestyle. Away from distractions, focusing on your own practice of self-enquiry, you will go deeper into silence and emerge transformed.


During the residential week you will learn all about the Chakra system.


This course is run by The Indian Wellness Academy which is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, meaning you can feel comfortable knowing this course adheres to their standards. Once you have completed the course, you will be able register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Weekend Course Dates at our Birmingham Centre

Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 6pm

​7-8 March 2020


11-12 April 2020


9-10 May 2020


13-14 June 2020

20-21 June 2020


One Week Intensive at the Oakraven Centre, Forest of Dean (Mitcheldean)



8-15 July 2020

Course Content

Asana - How the physical postures should be performed and sequenced. Includes variations you can give to students who may need easier progressions into the full posture. We will also cover how and when to adjust a students form.

How to instruct and manage a class - You will learn the art of teaching, in other words; how to inspire and motivate students safely, when to let students find their own way and how to manage groups with mixed levels of ability.

Anatomy, Physiology and Human Energy Design - How the body works and how yoga can enhance the various system within it e.g. muscular, skeletal, respiratory, endocrine etc. You will be able to explain the all the benefits yoga can bring to the body, mind and soul.

The Chakra system - This energy system is a central concept that is shared throughout eastern approaches to health and well being . We think everyone interested in yoga needs to understand the  critical difference between the tantric and classical yoga approaches to understanding,  balancing and optimising  the chakras.

Kundalini Energy Transformation - Often only covered in a mystical sense in standard teacher trainings course, we will explain what  it is, how it can be safely activated and what to do with it.

Tantric Sanjeevani Kriya - Kriya is translated as “action” and is used in several different contexts in yoga. The Kriya’s you will learn are a series of seated exercises that will activate energy channels in the body. With only a short amount of regular practice you can experience the life changing effects of these ancient and incredibly powerful methods that will bring the theoretical concepts of the chakra system to life by making it something you have physically experienced for yourself.

Pranayama - Your breath is the link between body and mind. The benefits of regular pranayama exercise cannot be understated.  The tantric methods have subtle but very important differences to those taught in a classical yoga approach. You will learn advanced methods for your own personal practice and basic methods suitable for using in a class or workshop.

Meditation -  The pinnacle of all yoga practice, meditation is so simple, yet so challenging. Fortunately there are techniques in both the classical yoga and tantric schools that you can use to rapidly accelerate your own progress and when leading group meditation sessions.

Philosophy - Exploring the yogic concepts of the universe, our existence in it and most importantly, how to create a life of love and fulfilment. Introductions will be given to key classical texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, and lesser known but equally important tantric volumes. This will include the 8 limbs of yoga and the 5 kosha’s.

Yoga History - From the original yogi's, known as Rishi's, right up to the all the weird and wonderful "styles" of yoga on offer today. Learn the often untold story behind the evolution of yoga and what the different approaches offer.




Early Bird offer:

 Just £1699 if bought by 31 December
 2019 (gone)

£1899 if bought by 29th February 2020 (don`t miss out on it)

After this, the regular price is £2,295.

Included in this price: Full Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Manual, Fully accredited by Yoga Alliance US


Not included: Food, accommodation, travel or insurance.

1 week intensive 8-15 July: all inclusive, food, accommodation and training. 

Cancellation Policy:

Deposit is strictly non-refundable, except in the unlikely case of cancellation by the organiser when all monies will be refunded in full.


Student Feedback


5 students from the last intensive kindly volunteered to share their experiences on the last day of the course so that you can hear some first hand feedback.

SHORT VIDEO 2.15 mins
Cara's feedback, a short section of the full video

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